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About ICL.

About Island Cottages Limited

Island Cottages History

Island Cottages is a co-operative society, formed in 1938 to purchase properties in Island villages, mainly the West Wight, to prevent cottages being sold as holiday homes and to provide housing to lower paid agricultural workers who could then remain in their home villages to minimise travel to local farms and help maintain a community within the villages

Island Cottages is the oldest social housing provider on the Isle of Wight, and one of the oldest in the Country.

To view the original article of formation in the Isle of Wight County Press please click here.

Island Cottages Today

Today the aims of Island Cottages Ltd have not changed  – We remain a very niche provider, with a strong customer focus, having its own lettings policy in line with the original aims of the founding members, i.e. to provide affordable homes for those in need and for lower paid workers living in rural areas. However, due to external forces, particularly government legislation, Island Cottages is needing to adapt in order to preserve and maintain the homes that we provide and hopefully expand so we can provide more housing which is so desperately required by Island families at present.  It is interesting to note that the Isle of Wight still has the same problems as it did in 1938 although local homelessness is now a huge issue and we’re currently operating in a very different environment for many reasons but mainly through government legislation such as Decent Homes Standards, the Net Zero Strategy, the Social Housing Regulation Bill and the cost of  course the Cost of Living Crisis.

Strategic planning is key to take Island Cottages forward for the next 100 years of providing as much affordable, quality housing as we possibly can on the Island although sadly we will never be able to come anywhere close to meeting demand. One of our main strategies is to dispose of our listed, thatched cottages as they become vacant and replace them with modern homes which are not so costly to maintain, meet decent homes standards and will contribute to meeting net zero in 2030.

Island Cottages People

Island Cottages is governed by a voluntary Board of Management. The role of the Board is to agree the strategic direction of the business and to ensure that the aims and objectives of the business are met. Island Cottages Ltd aspires to excellence in governance and operates to the guidelines set out in the National Housing Federation code of good governance.

The Board typically meets 6 times a year including an Annual General Meeting; A.G.M. These meetings are formal Board meetings where the Board will receive detailed information of Island Cottages operations covering financial performance, service delivery and regulatory compliance.

Board members contribute a wide range of skills and experience to the work of the Association.

Andrew Hulmes – Chairman 2024

Andrew has been a member of the Board since May 2016 and is Vice Chairman

Helen Keates

Helen has been a member of the Board since August 2019

Helena Hewston

Helen has been a member of the Board since November 2021

Naomi Keyte

Naomi has been a member since July 2022.

Karen Tosdevin

Karen has been a member since July 2023.

Frances Clash

Frances has been a member since January 2023

To support the Board and for daily operations Island Cottages has a part-time team comprising of –

Bill Gordon – Housing/Office Manager

Bill commenced in January 2019

Annalie Cole – Finance Manager

Annalie commenced in September 2018

Sarah Davey – Secretary/Administration

Sarah commenced in August 2023

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